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Many Accident Injury Law Firms will refuse to take your case for being a minor accident. Whereas, personal injury lawyer at Accident Law Group (ALG) accept ALL accident cases no matter how small or big your case is.

At ALG, upon completion of your Absolutely Free Consultation, our associate will immediately refer your case to an Expert Accident Injury Lawyer in the event of a tort claim or to an Experienced Licensed Paralegal in the event of a minor collision. You will receive proper representation in all aspects of your matter.

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With over 35,000 motor vehicle collisions occurring per year in Ontario, it is evident that those often taken for granted travel by car is subject to real dangers that cannot be ignored. An alarming number of people, both drivers and passengers, suffer severe harm and even fatal injuries in accidents caused by the reckless or negligent behavior of others. Injury victims must be promptly informed of their rights and their ability to recover compensation: that is where we come in. ALG is connected to experienced, professional, and compassionate accident and personal injury lawyers who work hard to evaluate all aspects of your claim and ensure that you recover as much compensation as possible.

The party interested in filing a claim has 120 days to notify the at-fault driver of their intention to sue, and only two years to file a lawsuit. Waiting too long to notify or file a claim could prevent you from being able to recover any compensation. Considering these time requirements, it is imperative that injury victims contact an experienced and compassionate accident attorney at ALG and begin filing their injury claim as soon as possible.



The aftermath of a car accident is often riddled with trauma and chaos. However, amidst all this, there are several steps that you must take to protect yourself in terms of legal issues and claims.

The first step is to immediately contact emergency assistance and undergo a medical evaluation. Although you must take note of readily apparent injuries, it is important to remember that many critical injuries may not manifest themselves immediately. For instance, brain injury symptoms are not apparent until days or even weeks after the accident. It is essential for injury victims to monitor their medical conditions and report any physical changes.

It is important to collect as much information as possible about the accident itself. This includes contact information for all people involved, vehicle insurance information, license plate numbers, contact information of any witnesses on scene, etc. One of the most effective ways to collect this information is to take pictures that you can then provide to your lawyer.

One of the most vital steps in the process of an injury claim is retaining the right accident lawyer. Vehicle accidents are traumatic and overwhelming; you need to reach out to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to help you evaluate the accident situation and the legal issues resulting therein. ALG immediately puts you in touch with the expert accident injury lawyer who possesses the legal knowledge and skills necessary to review the circumstances of the accident and identify the fault on the part of other parties. We have a track record of helping injured victims and protecting their rights to well-deserved compensation.

Do not wait long and jeopardize your ability to recover compensation. Give us a call as soon as possible at Phone: 416-913-0055.



Most injury victims will not only be confronted with immediate pain and trauma from a car accident, but will also have to cope with causal difficulties such as loss of income for any time taken off work, severe injuries affecting day to day living, and any long-term disabilities resulting from the accident.

An accident attorney you have undoubtedly had a huge impact on how your case is handled and how well your rights are advocated. The physical, emotional, and financial grief resulting from a car accident should prompt you to retain an experienced lawyer immediately. ALG has an excellent reputation for helping accident clients through its recommended lawyers and paralegals who are dedicatedly and unfalteringly fight for the rights of injury victims. Our accident attorney is well-versed in accident claims and fully understands the complicated factors that go into fighting for your rights



Dealing with insurance claims is one of the most complicated aspects of a road accident. The process is lengthy, complex, and can easily overwhelm someone who tries to handle it on their own, while simultaneously coping with their injuries from the accident. Here, qualified and experienced legal representation, like that from Accident Law Group, is indispensable. The lawyers at ALG guide you through this complicated process and unfalteringly advocate on your behalf so that you can focus on the medical treatment needed for your injuries. It is essential to obtain qualified legal help in navigating the complex insurance process.



One of the key aspects of a motor vehicle accident is a liability. If the accident resulted from the negligence or recklessness of the other driver, you may be able to hold the other driver responsible for the injuries you suffered. In certain circumstances, liability issues may extend further to other parties; for instance, if parts of the car were defective. Liability issues can be detailed and technical and having the right lawyer by your side will allow you to get the help you need. An experienced and professional lawyer can help you determine the relevant liability issues so that you accurately evaluate the strength of your claim.


It comes from the accident victims that a typical accident makes the driver nervous and frightened and most of the time the drivers are unable to concentrate as to what to do right at the accident scene. In an effort to soothe the frightened feelings of the drivers, ALG has taken the initiative of serving the accident injury clients on an after-hours basis whereby everyone is welcome to call an ALG associate to get quick advice right from the accident scene. By calling; Phone: 416-913-0055, or Emergency Hotline: 647-917-0055. The advice/consultation is FREE of cost.



It is a matter of common observation that in accidents, one or the other driver is to blame for the accident and is thereby charged under the Highway Traffic Act. These charges range from Part One Provincial Offences to Part Three Provincial Offences, which carry serious consequences. Therefore, the person facing these charges needs to be represented by the proper legal professional (qualified legal representation). ALG professionals have been successfully fighting these charges for the last 24 years! ALG helps you in the proper determination of your fault and advises you accordingly. Sometimes, you may not be at fault, but you may have admitted fault in ignorance or the confusion of the accident scene. Therefore, contact ALG to get your qualified legal representation, narrate every single fact so that you can rightly be guided and the fault may accurately be determined.