Best Personal Injury Lawyer Toronto

Accident Law Group provides the best personal injury lawyer in Toronto, Canada. We help you get maximum accident benefits in Ontario and ensure a smooth car insurance claim process with the best car wreck lawyer for car accident insurance claim settlement. Each and every client at ALG is served not only one to one basis but also with full attention and service. It is good to know that every accident consists of the following three parts:

Property Claim – it covers the damage to the vehicle that was involved in the accident.

Accident Benefits – Every person who meets with an accident is entitled to receive certain benefits such as income replacement benefit, caregiver benefit, non-earner benefit, etc., these benefits are collectively termed as accident benefits.


They are dealt with by the legislation known as SABS (Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule). Anyone who is entitled to accident benefits will start receiving the benefit from the 14th day of the accident date for instance if the person is entitled to an income replacement benefit the person would get 70% of his/her net income that the person was earning before the accident for example if the person was making $1000 per week, he would be entitled to receive $700 while the person is recovering from his/her injuries and going through the rehabilitation process to get back to his physical status that he/she was enjoying before the accident took place. Most personal injury lawyers in Ontario do not tend to take up cases that only have accident benefits and are not serious injuries; Accident Law Group’s team of experienced and licensed paralegals who are licensed by the LSO love to accept these kinds of cases and help the client get their benefits.

Tort (suing between the parties – In the event of catastrophic impairments the role of an accident injury lawyer becomes significantly important because for this part of the accident representation lies beyond the jurisdiction of paralegals. The good news is the ALG’s experienced and result-oriented Accident Injury Lawyers click into action and work hard to get our clients the maximum Cash Settlements. In short, ALG puts each client in the expert hands of those professionals who practice at that level requisite. That is why at ALG no case is refused. We accept all cases regardless of how minor the accident or resulting injuries are.